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Ch Sheldon Lap Of Luxury
               He is pictured here, Oct. 1993 at 3 years, 8 months.  The day that he obtained his Championship with a Best of Winners, 5 point win.  This was  after 4 RW at the previous show where he beat all of the winners dogs just not on the right day. He is now 16 and 3/4 years old.  He sees. He hears.  He moves although not as fast as in his younger days.  He still thinks he can do the job and we are not so sure that he couldn't.  More pictures and information below. See bottom for recent pictures.   Lucky died a couple of days before his 17 birthday.          Pedigree  

Lucky is on the left in the first picture.  What a sweet expression!   Notice the ears are flat on the head.  As an adult he had the most perfect untouched ears, high on the head, pointing forward and correctly tipped.
  Below are pictures of Ch Sheldon Lap Of Luxury at 8 months

Below it is Lucky's Birthday, Feb. 1. 1990.  He is one year old.
 Show Pictures

  His first win                                                
                                                                               Out of coat but a  5pt BW finish   

  Ch Sheldon Lap Of Luxury Christmas 2004, almost 16 years

   A nine year old Lucky son, going for a ride